Diploma in Adlerian Counselling (Years 2 & 3)

The BACP-accredited 3-year Combined Certificate and Diploma in Adlerian Counselling course is a fulfilling academic and vocational course requiring considerable commitment,  leading to a recognized and accredited qualification entitling Diploma holders to practice professionally as counsellors.

Satisfactory completion of the Year 1 Certificate in Adlerian Counselling course qualifies students to be considered for entry onto the Diploma course.

Course content

The course provides:–

  • A minimum of 470 contact hours (150 in year one, 320 over years 2 &3)
  • 100 hours of supervised client work in one or more external placements
  • A professionally recognized and accredited qualification, necessary in order to practice as a therapist
  • Small classes and a high ratio of tutors to students. At least two tutors present at every session, including occasional guest tutors/facilitators to provide a varied learning experience
  • Individual support for students; all students are allocated a Personal Tutor from the core tutor team
  • A designated Placement Co-ordinator to support students in their client counselling placements in Years 2 & 3
  • Both experiential and theoretical approaches to learning
  • Emphasis on personal development of trainee counsellors
  • A network of qualified, experienced and professionally accredited trainers, all of whom are practicing counsellors themselves, from which the core tutor team for each course is drawn. In the event of illness or absence we are able to draw on this wider network of tutors for cover as needed.
  • Two intensive weekend residentials in years 2 & 3

Course structure

The course is taught as a series (typically 10) of weekend face-to-face sessions, alongside weekly term-time remote video sessions (currently scheduled for Tuesday evenings).

In addition, there is a weekend intensive residential element in each year of the course.

Applicants should be aware that attendance at the weekend intensives, and the first and last weekends are a mandatory element of the course, and non-attendance, except in the most exceptional circumstances, may result in students being unable to progress. Dates for these weekends are publicised in advance of the course start.


IPT welcomes all those who have completed the Adlerian Certificate Course (or equivalent – see below) and who enjoy learning through a variety of learning styles including interactive class discussions and opportunities for developing self-awareness and research skills. We encourage both the self-examination and learning process of our students and have, since 2004, established an excellent reputation for our training culminating in BACP Accreditation in 2015.

Essential components of the course are focused on encouraging social interest between tutors and students and building meaningful relationships, integrating counselling knowledge, and offering students a wide range of applied skills relevant for those who seek a professional counselling qualification. Our 3-year course promotes creativity and collaborative experiential learning amid an atmosphere of community and confidentiality, where tutors are committed to assisting in the development of students’ individual growth as a person and as a counsellor.

Admission from other courses

IPT welcomes applications from students who have completed a Certificate-level course (Ofqual Level 3) in another counselling discipline: prerequisites for admission via this route are as follows:-

  • a minimum of 100 hours’ supervised training, including a substantial element of skills practice;
  • completion of an Adlerian conversion training course, which is a brief training providing a basic introduction to Adlerian theory for those not having completed the Adlerian Certificate;
  • 10 hours’ personal one-to-one counselling during the year prior to admission.

Other information

It should be noted that whilst Years 2 & 3 of the Diploma in Adlerian Counselling will run consecutively, it is not guaranteed that there will always be an immediate progression to Year 2 (the Diploma course) upon completion of Year 1 (the Certificate course): the 2-year diploma course will usually run every alternate academic year.

Diploma course may run on a more frequent (annual) basis, but this is dependent on tutor availability and student recruitment. It is possible, therefore, that some students may experience a year’s hiatus between completing their certificate year and commencing diploma training.


The Diploma in Adlerian Counselling is awarded by the Adlerian Society (UK), on presentation of a case study and satisfactory completion of the course, and placement hours. This would typically be made following completion of the taught element of the course.

More details are available as part of the application process.


Theatr Mwldan Business Centre, Cardigan

The weekend elements of the course, and associated CPD days, are held at this venue, in the market town of Cardigan, in West Wales.

The Business Centre is close to the town and its amenities, including cafes and shops.

Treberfedd Farm (near Lampeter)

Treberfedd Farm is where the residential components of the Diploma are held and may also be a venue for one or more CPD days during the course.

All these venues have been designated, experienced and researched to be suitable to provide the space and confidential environment necessary for the requirements of the course. 

Please find our Information for Applicants booklet below.