Student Services

Personal Tutors

Each student will be allocated a Personal Tutor for the duration of the course they are attending. Personal Tutors conduct regular tutorial sessions, once per term, with their students, and are the first point for any training or pastoral concerns students may have.

Please be assured that, should you wish to speak to another tutor about any concerns you may have, you are completely at liberty to do so; however, you should be aware that tutors operate according to a principle of “team confidentiality”, so that – except for very specific concerns – what you bring may be shared amongst the team.

Your Personal Tutor is also your point of contact for any concerns or complaints you may have about any aspect of the course. IPT has a complaints policy which describes the steps by which any complaint is handled.

Mailing list

Students are automatically subscribed to a mailing list comprising all students on the course, and the course tutors. This is intended as a means to share information, ideas, and updates about aspects of the course. You can post messages by email to the list, and they will be sent to all the other list members.

Please use the mailing list responsibly, and refrain from sharing irrelevant or frivolous material, so as to keep traffic low and ensure that important messages are not missed as a result.

We encourage students to organise amongst themselves to operate their own group – WhatsApp is a popular option for doing this. We would advise caution in the use of such a group, though, particularly to avoid situations arising which may be divisive or cause difficulties for your fellow students.

Extra-curricular activities

In order to improve the learning experience, and have opportunities to network with other students around the UK, and qualified counsellors, there are a number of activities available to you.


All students must become student members of the UK Adlerian Society, a benefit of which is regular “Cafe Adler” sessions, open free of charge to all members.

These are online sessions where a presenter will deliver on a specific Adlerian topic, and where attendees are given opportunities to discuss aspects of the topic in smaller groups. They can be a valuable opportunity to share ideas with Adlerians from the UK and around the world, and meet other students, and qualified Adlerians.

ASIIP also run a Spring Conference, and a Summer School, details of which are available on the ASIIP website (


As part of our commitment to providing a supportive and encouraging student experience, IPT runs events for current students and graduates of previous counselling courses. These are free of charge, and provide an opportunity for students to meet others at different stages of their training, and counsellors who have qualified either with IPT, or previously with the Adlerian Society of Wales.

Once you have qualified, you continue to be welcome to these events, where we will be providing opportunities to network and meet with colleagues.

CPD days

Three CPD days are provided as part of your course and included in your course fees, to which non-course participants may also be invited.

IPT run other CPD days throughout the year, whose details are published on this website, at which you are welcome to attend. CPD days outside the course itself are not free of charge, though current students may attend at a discounted rate.